Missing you…I miss the tone of your voice which would always relax me

Missing you…I miss your scent that I needed to keep my day going

Missing you…Your touch the way it sends chills down my body

Missing you…the way we would around with eachother 

Missing you…the way you kept me laughing 

Missing you…your sweet sexy juicy lips would always make me feel better when we kissed

Missing you…the way your eyes would sparkle when you would see me 

Missing you…I can’t explain how much I miss you but I can try,

Missing you is hard especially when I have to see you and can’t kiss, smell or touch you…

Missing you…yes boo I miss my Amber boo but you knew this was for you…


As I Sit In My Window 

As I sit in my room staring out the window

I wonder what I’m gonna do without you 

Will I ever find another best-friend

As I sit in my room staring out the window 

wondering what God has planned for me & my life

As I sit in my room staring out the window

memories of you start to flow through my mind

fun times, bad times and times you wiped my tears

As I sit in my room staring out the window

I wonder why you had to go, what you were thinking, how you felt 

where your mind was and were you scared.

As I sit in my room staring out the window 

I picture your smile, your smell and the words I love you

As I sit in my room staring out the window

I wonder if you can see me and how much I’m hurting

Can you hear me talking to you? Can you hear my cry out for you 

even though your not here?

As I sit in my room staring out the window 

I hear your last words to me

“Everything will be okay” as you lay there with a smile

As I sit in my room staring out the window 

I wonder why God took my best-friend from me

How could this happen?

As I sit in my room staring out the window 

the pain I feel is unbearable, I feel like my heart has been cut out

As I sit in my room staring out the window

missing my best-friend

Love & Heartache 

As I sit outside

Thinking about the good times, thinking about the bad
Knowing that I’m all alone leaves me oh so sad

Days will come where I just wanna cry
Nights will come where I wanna be free and fly

Feeling the wind blow my hair leaves me calm, cool and relaxed
As the tears start to flow down my face
I realized how much everything about you has changed

Wondering where we went wrong and how my heart is still standing strong

It’s hard to picture you not being in my life
When all I ever wanted was to be your wife
A family with you is what I asked for
But instead all you do is ignore

Nobody will ever understand how much I care, but having you near is what I need to make my life whole and complete
And maybe one day you will see that it’s you I want and need


I pictured my soulmate being you, 

Lovin’, kissin’, huggin’ was all I needed from you

When I met you I knew my dreams would come true
You were that handsome, sexy thug kinda dude

Memories of us flow thru my head
Of days and nights I laid in ya bed
As long as I was in ya arms I knew I was safe, no harm or fear could get in the way of the love we shared everyday

I wish I could rewind time to the day I met you
3 yrs of up’s and downs is what we been thru
But no other guy can take the place of you.
I know all you wanted was to make my dreams come true

I don’t know where we stand but boy no lie 
That it’s you I miss having by my side
I feel like I’m losing my only bestfriend 
The one that carries the key to my heart
And the bond that we have even tho we’re apart

All the hurt you caused I should of went away
But I’m deeply in love so I chose to stay

Being with you has made me realize
How much I love and care for someone like you
As I think of you and wonder what if 
I never met someone so lovin’ and real

Can’t you understand how much I love you
You will always be my dream that came true

The Way Things Use To Be…

I wish things were the way they use to be
The way you use to care, the way you would play in my hair
The way you would look at me and tell me you love me, 
The way we use to kiss like no one exist

I wish things were the way they use to be
You use to cry for me and told me you’d never lie to me
Would call just to hear my voice because you missed me

The way things use to be…cuddling at night, watching movies til the break of dawn then falling asleep in each other’s arms

I miss the way things use to be…our connection,  our vibe was so tight
We would never fight our bond was unbreakable

Late at night I sit up and wonder where we went wrong 
I often wonder if you still love me like you say
I wish things were the way they use to be

All I can do is wish cause deep down inside I know it’ll never go back to what it use to be…
But if you only knew that I wish you were who you use to be…


I never thought the day would come
Where I would have to say goodbye
To the guy I loved no lie
Almost 4 years we made it through
Lord knows I only wanted you
But you were to blind to see
That what we had was great you know
You told me things to make me feel good
Like no one else has done before
I loved the days and nights we spent together
Especially the day you fell in love
It broke my heart in so many ways
The day we agreed to no longer be
That beautiful couple that nobody liked
You promised to love me forever
So why was it so easy to break us up
We were suppose to build a family
With you, me and kids you know
So when I say I lost true love
I mean the one I loved the most
It was just a beautiful mistake
That wasn’t meant for us
Now when I see you in the street
I think about what could of been
You and me in love you see
But you gave up on us you know
So I’ll just say it was a love lost that had to go
I love you so much it’s hard to say
that when we broke up I didn’t cry
Because if I say that it would be a lie
I wish you the best with whoever you see
It’s just sad it won’t be you and me…

The Day I Lost You

The Day I Lost You I lost another part of me

I didn’t argue, I didn’t fight I just let go,

My biggest fear was losing you to another person but instead I lost you because of my own selfishness,

The Day I Lost You I cried, I cried tears of hurt and pain because I felt us fall apart that day, I felt my heat break in pieces, everyday that we don’t speak I lose another piece of me,

I’m sorry for not appreciating you,

I’m sorry for not loving you the way you loved me

I’m sorry for not showing you off the way you showed me off

And I’m sorry for not being the woman you needed me to be,

The Day I Lost You, do you feel the hurt the way I do or have I hurt you to the point where you can’t hurt anymore?

The Day I Lost You, I lost someone so real, not only did I lose my girlfriend I lost my best friend,

The Day I Lost You…